November 11, 2007

Penguin Shoes???

These Penguin brand look alike shoes are perfect for "showing off" my colourful socks. I love how they go so well with my skinny jeans while complementing the colours of the socks. I do not think any socks would not go well with these shoes. Made of canvas they are like good-old-days school shoes that would never give us blister and provide long hours of running and walking comfort. I cannot resist not getting these in black and white. These are bought from Malaysia but i think similar ones could be found in Singapore (Not so sure if they come with the cute penguin logo though). I am wearing them everyday for now!

November 04, 2007

Join Lippy mailing list

XXXNews_LogoMailing-ListCome.. come.. Join Lippy's 4-Stars mailing list and win FRESH NEW updates. Sure win sure win... DUH!

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November 01, 2007

Roly Poly!!! yeah!

XXXNews_LogoThese beautiful pics of roly poly toys are taken by my fren, Summer_teeth. I am not sure is she has named her polies but they look really happy together. Yippee! I first saw these pics on her livejournal, and fell in love with these cute toys. There are a lot more wonderful pics on Summer_teeth's livejournal so do check it out yo! My other fave is the post on children rides.

Yes yes.. pls let me introduce you to my poly too! hee hee.. mine is a duck poly... I have yet to name my poly... scratch head! I bought her from Little Child Museum along Khandar Street. It was love at first sight. She has a twin sister whom is bought by my other fren. hmm.. shld discuss with my fren on naming the twin.